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"Electrical Grid Test Systems

SCTs patented grid technology is a very fast way to test medium or large quantities of bare PCB boards. Test speed of more than 3000 test points per second can be realized "

Mechanical Features:

1. Modularized mechanical design allows acquiring additional loader or unloader.

2. Robotic arm is used for loading & unloading.

3. Allows irregular shapes of boards for testing.

4. Four touch-down shaft increase stability

5. Twin rings design of the cylinder minimizes the effect of side force.

Software Features (Optional):

1. Resistance values display

2. Multi - image Testing

3. ACRT testing

4. Networking repair software

5. Barcode control & print-out

Electronics Section
Test & Grid Points Grid Points: 49152 pts
Test Points: 24576 pts
Continuity 10 Ohms - 10k Ohms, 10%
Option: 5 Ohms
Isolation 10kOhms - 20MOhms, 10%
Option: 30MOhms - 50MOhms
Test Voltage Continuity: 10Volts
Leakage: 50 - 250 Volts
Test Current Max. 20mA
Electronics Test Time 3072 Points/seconds
Power Supply AC110/220V, 10%
50/60 Hz
Printer Interface Centronics Parallel
Display LCD Monitor
Fixture Interface Universal Fixture
Working Temp. 10C- 25C
Humidity Under RH 55%
Mechanical Section
Test Area a. 12.8" x 9.6" (75Mils)
b. 19.2" x 12.8 (75Mils)
c. Customized sizes
Board Thickness 0.3 - 3.2 mm
Mechanical Cycle Time 8 pcs/min
Loading Capacity 250pcs
(Thickness: 1.6mm)
Pass Stacker Capacity 250pcs
(Thickness: 1.6mm)
Fail Stacker Capacity 50pcs
(Thickness: 1.6mm)
Compressed Air 6-8kg/cm
Loader 1250mm(L)x800mm(W)x1800mm(H)
Unloader 1250mm(L)x1100mm(W)x1800mm(H)
Software Section
User Interface Windows
language Chinese, English
Fixture Troubleshooting Map


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