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We also partner the industry providing individual solutions for many problems and
needs in the production of printed circuit boards.

Business process consultancy

SCT has three decades of experience in its core competencies. We can analyze your PCB production, evaluate potential for improvements and develop the ideal solution from our extensive portfolio of products and services.

Outsourcing is now gaining recognition in the PCB industry, as it already has in the automobile and IT industries.

Why Outsource?

  • increasing number of production processes
  • increasing process sophistication
  • escalating capital investment requirements
  • processes require highly trained and specialised personnel
  • stricter quality control requirements
  • daily challenge of competitive pricing
  • turn fixed costs into variable costs

Benefits to the customer

Corporate executives believed that Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • allowed their companies to concentrate on core competencies
  • make their companies more profitable and helped bolster share value
  • an important cost reduction exercise
  • increased in significance over the last three years  

Outsourcing levels

In the many years of understanding our customers, SCT has come out with three different outsourcing service levels:

Level 1

Customer offloads test (or drill, CAM, fixturing, optical inspection) services in part or in whole to a local SCT Service Center.

Level 2

Customer uses SCT equipment "in-house"; the SCT Service Center supports the customer, e.g. with fixturing, CAM and/or maintenance services.

Level 3

SCT provides 100% of all equipment and services, including labor "in-house".

Please contact or (65) 92728860 for a consultation on how best we can help your organisation.

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